WORDfest Refresh

Nothing is more inspiring than getting out and mingling with fellow writers and artists, and today I had the opportunity to do just that at the first ever WORD(writer’s organizations ’round Dallas)fest. The panels, classes, and breakout sessions were informative and enjoyable, and the venue was wonderful. I hope this type of event will continue to be a free resource for aspiring and established writers alike.

As you know (Bob), I’ve pretty much fallen off the map as far as posting and as much as I blame day jobs #1 and #2, I should do more to prioritize my writing. Attending this event has lit a fire under me again, and I’m making an effort to get more written!

If you’d like to meet up and talk books, writing, great movies, reptiles, or pretty much anything, I’ll be attending TLA in San Antonio this April. A perk to the day job that has killed as much of my creativity of late as it has my time, so I won’t be there as one of the writers unfortunately. I’m dragging my lap top along and hope to take advantage of the short break from mom/house chores to finish up some of the projects I’ve neglected. So hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

And look forward to more from me. I’ve got Chaos Heir: Beholden submitted for edits and final acceptance, and once I get through book fair week and TLA, I’ll start back on book two. So far I’m only a couple chapters in, but there will be some exciting new characters involved with Corbin and Subtle Jewel.