FenCon XII

FenCon weekend is over once again, unless a blue box and time lord pop in. I found this one:

And this portal!
And this portal!
It's bigger on the inside!
It’s bigger on the inside!

But the weekend is still over until next year. I had a blast, though. The panels I attended were interesting, and some downright hilarious, like Yard Dog’s Road Show. I enjoyed Triskelion in concert. Linda, Juli and Julia belly danced.

Yard Dog Road Show
Yard Dog Road Show
Belly Dance at the FenCon Cabaret
Belly Dance at the FenCon Cabaret

And for the first time, I really attended the room parties. Visiting, mingling, not just standing on the wall for a little before retreating to my room. It really helps to have a social friend who knows everyone to go with and break the ice. I’m a little sad and exhausted to have to head back to work tomorrow, but as always, I feel inspired and artistically renewed after  hanging out with other writers and artists and true fans of the genre. Ready to dive back into my own writing and finish up some of the projects that have been neglected due to real life.

A big thanks to all the FenCon staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make this another great convention. Already can’t wait for next year.

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