That Castle Looks Familiar!

Season 8 of Dr. Who just became available on Netflix, so naturally I started watching (I have to catch up with my daughter who had been watching at her Grandma’s on cable). Episode three played, and suddenly I saw a very familiar castle depicting the sheriff’s headquarters on my TV.

Now, I’m used to seeing Big Ben, the Tower and other iconic London architecture that I was privileged to visit in real life while taking a course on Arthurian Legend in 2005. (Yes, that was the year of the infamous Tube bombings. I flew out that day hours after it happened.) However, I hadn’t seen the picturesque Bodiam castle until “Robot of Sherwood” aired.

Bodiam Castle

Now, I could be wrong, but the resemblance of my trip photo to what appears in the episode is pretty spot on.

Image found in Google search

According to this website, my guess is correct. During my tour, we learned much about Bodiam, including the fact that it is one of few remaining castles with a moat. If memory serves me correctly, its preservation is owed to the owner’s stripping of the castle’s defenses well before the invaders arrived. As you can see from the episode, it is a beautiful, fairly well-preserved structure nestled in the lush English countryside.

If you’d like to see more images of it taken during my visit, see my Photos page and follow the London Trip 2005 link. You’ll also notice some other recognizable locales, and a few more obscure (such as Tolkien’s favorite tree in Oxford), connected to other fandoms. If you’d like the story behind some of the images, comment with your request and I’d be happy to share.

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